Summer in Red & Silver

It’s been a while since I last posted (I could make excuses but let’s be honest I’ve just been having a bit of a holiday!) so here is a quick outfit of the day.

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I have been loving this look over the summer, especially the off-the-shoulder tops and lace up sandals that have been major trends this summer. I’ve also been wearing a lot more silver jewellery of late. I used to avoid silver like the plague thinking that gold looked classier, however I found that unless it’s real gold a lot of ‘gold’ jewellery just discoloured and didn’t last more than a few wears. So, simple silver has been a go to for me recently. Particularly after my birthday, receiving a few gorgeous silver rings, which have hardly come off my fingers this month! One of my favourites was the Basic Bubble Silver Ring from Pandora. It goes with pretty much anything and is really elegant stacked or by itself.

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Top // Sportsgirl
Skirt // H&M
Shoes // Sportsgirl
Necklace // Prouds Jewellery
Bangle & Rings // Pandora
Cross Bracelet // Vérité

HAIR UPDATE: For those that have read my last post, you would know that for my birthday last month I got my hair done in a subtle balayage style. It is not very dramatic but like any change it often takes me a bit of time to work out how much I actually like it. Plus my hair definitely doesn’t always look like it did when I walked out of the hair salon! (Cue frizzy bedhead afro) BUT after about a month I can safely say I am really enjoying the length, the cut and the colour! I was worried for a while that I looked like a tiger (Both the lion and tiger emoji made an appearance a lot this month!) but I have grown to like the highlights. I had the intention of getting it done over the summer so I could have beachy highlighted waves and days like today make me glad I got it done. Good hair days are the best!

What has been your favourite trend this season?




Time for a change

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Over the past 19 years of my life I have learnt to love my hair. For sure I have not always been so appreciative of the colour I was given at birth but over my lifetime I have realised (with the help of many little old ladies and complimenting friends) how lucky I am to have the hair I have.

I definitely still wish I had different hair quite often but don’t we all want something different sometimes – the classic ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.

I know now how to love my hair but because of its uncommon colour I have never been brave enough to touch the colour nor have I had a radical hair cut because anything shorter than shoulder length = afro. A red afro. Let’s just let that sink in… no. No thank you.

So I’ve kept it long for quite a while now but recently I’ve gotten quite bored. So today was the day that I changed things up.

New hair. New year. New me….

Yeah, ok not really.


Before | After   

The change is pretty tame I know! But it’s a change none the less and if you’ve been around from the start you’ll know I’m not very good with making decisions or taking risks. It was so liberating to just do something and know that it’s just hair! Just an accessory to show of your style.

I went for a light balayage along the ends and around my face and added some long layers while keeping a lot of the length. My hair feels much healthier after the trim and already a lot lighter.

I’ve been loving the ombre and balayage style recently, particularly on brunettes. (Pretty obvious if you follow my hair board on Pinterest!) What trend or change do you want to try? Even just a new braid, or give it a curl for something different.


OOTD: Hat, sunglasses, skirt & sandals – Sportsgirl // Bodysuit – Silent Theøry

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Love to know what styles you guys are rocking at the moment.



DIY Coconut Body Scrub

I am always up for a good DIY and wherever I can save a few dollars and get creative with beauty products, I’m right there! The other day a few of my friends and I enjoyed a whole lot of laughter while getting right into this DIY.

Perfect for summer, we made Coconut and Sugar Body scrubs and got all kinds of artsy on our adorable mason jars. This DIY is super easy and fun and looks great as a gift too!

** Important Tip: have snacks at the ready! The coconut smells so good you’ll want to eat it! **

What you’ll need:

  • Jar with a lid
  • Solid Coconut Oil
  • Raw sugar
  • Essential oils (check safety on skin)
  • Decorations for jar


  1. Mix coconut oil with sugar in a 1:2 ratio in a bowl (e.g. for my jar I used about 5 heaped tablespoons of coconut oil and 10 tablespoons of sugar)
  2. Add more sugar if it’s too runny.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oils as desired to add to the scent. (I kept mine simple and just added 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and 1 drop of grapefruit essential oil – get creative!)
  4. Fill jar with your mixture.
  5. Decorate your jar to show off your amazing sugar scrub!

I recommend applying to skin as a gentle exfoliant and leaving for a few minutes before washing off in the shower leaving skin feeling super soft and smelling as fragrant as a Lush shop!

Here are some of the finished products. Gracie made a super fragrant and revitalising mix and Catherine made a soothing peppermint, grapefruit and lavender scrub. Check out Cath’s stunning blog, Coco Grace, here!


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Coco Grace getting that perfect insta!

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Let me know in the comments below what scents you combined in yours and what you named your creation! Have fun!

Have a wonderful and festive Christmas everyone!


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