Blush & Black

Here in Sydney the sun has finally decided to reappear and my excitement for spring has been well and truly revived! This is a look I put together at the end of last Summer but I can’t wait to pull it out again this spring as the weather warms up and the festivities begin!

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Last stop… Milan

The last stop on our 4 week holiday through Europe was Milan. Our stay there was short but it was just enough time to fill up any extra space in my luggage with some shopping… I mean I couldn’t just visit Milan without doing some shopping!

Whilst in Milan I admired the grand architecture, the street style, the city vibe. We visited a couple of galleries but my mum and I spent the majority of our last day shopping (and window shopping) through the stone streets lined with huge names like Prada, Moschino, Versace, Valentino… For a moment, I stepped into a world of luxury! – and it was beautiful! 

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La Spezia

One of the parts of Italy that I was most looking forward to was Cinque Terra: the ‘five lands’. The area of La Spezia is beautiful! La Spezia itself is a big Naval and industrial trading port so there was a lot of machinery and mining but hidden along the coastline are the five bays stacked with pastel coloured houses with emerald-green shutters.

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After a beautiful few days in Florence we escaped the busy city and drove off into the Tuscan countryside. We stopped at a lovely little hotel just outside the city of Siena.

I loved Siena. It’s a small hilly town filled with narrow cobble-stoned streets and tall houses that were packed tightly within the city walls. It was a city full of hidden treasures.

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OOTD | Autumn envy

Don’t get me wrong, I can NOT WAIT until summer and I’m so excited that it is finally spring, however, as a red headed girl who’s wardrobe mainly consists of khaki, maroon and navy blue, I can’t help but be a little envious of all the autumn style pics that are currently filling up everyone’s blog feeds!

So here is a bit of an autumn inspired look that I wore today:

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Lake Como

I was incredibly sad to say goodbye to Old Pierrefeu but our next stop on our journey was Lake Como – our first destination in Italy! Italy is a country I have always wanted to visit and it was finally time!! Needless to say I was quite excited!

We navigated our way down the French mountain side, crossed over the border into Italy and drove along the coast for a while. The hot weather had well and truly settled in and the colourful houses were glowing in the bright midday heat.

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