November Feels Like.

So it’s half way through December… what better time to look back over the last month, right? …

Okay, not quite but let’s just go with it.

November was a busy but wonderful month, jam packed with friends, work and sunshine. Here’s what it sounded, smelt, tasted, felt and looked like to me.

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Liebster Award

Hi everyone!

Last week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful ‘The Brandy Corner‘. Thank you so much for the nomination! I definitely recommend popping by her blog where you’ll find fashion, beauty and lifestyle commentary and reviews all the way from France. It’s super exciting getting to find all these fabulous up and coming blogs and I think this award is a great way to find some amazing talent out there. I can’t believe how quickly my blog has grown – still nice and cosy but I seriously didn’t think anyone would find me for at least several months!

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