Lake Como

I was incredibly sad to say goodbye to Old Pierrefeu but our next stop on our journey was Lake Como – our first destination in Italy! Italy is a country I have always wanted to visit and it was finally time!! Needless to say I was quite excited!

We navigated our way down the French mountain side, crossed over the border into Italy and drove along the coast for a while. The hot weather had well and truly settled in and the colourful houses were glowing in the bright midday heat.

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Old Pierrefeu

Take a step with me into the most magical place I have ever been! Old Pierrefeu is an incredibly serene village of about 50 houses that is situated on the top of a mountain just outside of Nice. The photos do not do this cliff side town justice but hopefully you can catch a glimpse of its beauty and charm that I fell head over heels in love with.

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Lakes District

With the weather cooling down, our next stop on our travels was the Lakes District of England.

We drove firstly to a town called Heysham where we stayed with friends for the next few days. They lived right next to Morecombe Bay, a beautiful expanse of water, bordered by lush green hills on one side, and a nuclear power plant on the other… we just looked towards the green side!

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Cambridge & Suffolk

After a week in London it was time to leave our Georgian townhouse and head off into the country.

Our first destination was Cambridge. We spent a little time wandering through some of the incredibly grand colleges. There are so many around Cambridge and many seemed like stepping into another world as we slipped through an archway off the main street. We stayed in a little B&B outside of Cambridge and had a lovely dinner at the local pub.

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First stop… London.

At the end of June (a month ago now!) I set off on a big jet plane Europe bound to escape and avoid what came to be known as Sydney’s ‘big chill’! I had an amazing 4 week holiday and took far too many photos so over the next four weeks I will share with you a glimpse of some the beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit.

First stop. London town!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day; a day to spoil mums everywhere to celebrate all that they do for their children and family. I don’t know about you but I often forget to thank my mum for the things she does, not only for me but for all those around her. Mum’s do a lot! I know that it sounds like I’m ignoring the fact that other people work hard and are super busy too but there is something more that comes with being a mum, at least that’s what I think! I’m talking about all those little things like getting up early to make lunches for you everyday for 12 years, driving you all over the place (I promise I’ll get my licence soon mum!!) and making sure that you are surviving whatever life throws at you. I have been blessed with an incredibly caring mum and I couldn’t be more thankful for her love and friendship.

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