November Feels Like.

So it’s half way through December… what better time to look back over the last month, right? …

Okay, not quite but let’s just go with it.

November was a busy but wonderful month, jam packed with friends, work and sunshine. Here’s what it sounded, smelt, tasted, felt and looked like to me.


Sounds like ~ the mesmerising and incredible voices of 4 British men and the strumming of a banjo – aka Mumford & Sons. Cydni – a friend of mine who shares in a mutual love of the band – and I went to the Gentlemen of the Road tour at the Domain in Sydney. The afternoon was filled with Australian artists curated by Mumford & Sons, finishing with an amazing set by the British band themselves. It was rainy at times, but decked out in our ponchos and gumboots we had an amazing time and the rain only added to the electric atmosphere. Oh and Mumford & Sons were amazing! I highly recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance.

nov mumford.jpg

Smells like ~ the toxic waft of stronghold hairspray as hundreds of dancers secured their hair in place ready for our annual dance concert. Dancers filled the backstage corridor of dressing rooms with a cloud of invasive fumes which always brings a sense of excitement as the smell instantly takes me to the same place – the stage.
However, November contrastingly also smelt beautifully fragrant as my room was filled with gorgeous bouquets of flowers thoughtfully gifted by family, friends, and my lovely dancers.


Tastes like ~ Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first year that I’ve ever celebrated Thanksgiving but my friend Cydni is from California so she invited me round for a huge Thanksgiving dinner. It did not disappoint! A few new tastes – pumpkin pie and marshmallow topped sweet potatoes – but an abundance of delicious turkey, stuffing and pecan pie! It was lovely to reflect on what I’m thankful for too!

Feels like ~ butterflies in my stomach as the nerves kicked in about starting university next year. I’m still unsure on what is the right path for me but at this point I have enrolled in a design course starting next year and I am doing my best to push the doubts aside and get excited about what my first year back at study will hold!

Looks like ~ black, white and light wash denim. This colour combo has always been something I’ve been drawn to and looking back I seemed to wear a lot of it last month! Here are 2 of my fav outfits using these colours:

nov looks.jpg

There’s already so much filling up my December, I hope yours is filling up with many great and festive moments too!

– x




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