Last stop… Milan

The last stop on our 4 week holiday through Europe was Milan. Our stay there was short but it was just enough time to fill up any extra space in my luggage with some shopping… I mean I couldn’t just visit Milan without doing some shopping!

Whilst in Milan I admired the grand architecture, the street style, the city vibe. We visited a couple of galleries but my mum and I spent the majority of our last day shopping (and window shopping) through the stone streets lined with huge names like Prada, Moschino, Versace, Valentino… For a moment, I stepped into a world of luxury! – and it was beautiful! 

Milan duomo lamp

Milan duomo

Milan statue

Milan ootd sign

Milan shopping

Milan insta

Milan goodmorning Hongkong Milan plane collage

After enjoying our last Italian meal and night in Milan we started on our long journey home, stopping in Hong Kong for a few hours before finally making it back to Sydney.

A truly amazing trip! Is there anywhere you were inspired to visit?


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