Lake Como

I was incredibly sad to say goodbye to Old Pierrefeu but our next stop on our journey was Lake Como – our first destination in Italy! Italy is a country I have always wanted to visit and it was finally time!! Needless to say I was quite excited!

We navigated our way down the French mountain side, crossed over the border into Italy and drove along the coast for a while. The hot weather had well and truly settled in and the colourful houses were glowing in the bright midday heat.

We made our way towards Lake Como – an incredibly beautiful destination, quite a change from our last few days but it was just as stunning. We stayed in a town called Argegno on the edge of the Lake and spent the evening soaking in the view and wandering around cobbled streets and laneways of the small town. We had a very nice dinner as the sun set and the mist from the heat of the day rose revealing the many layers of mountain peaks fading into the distance at every angle.

A beautiful first day in Italy!

Lake edge

Lake pillers

Lake gelato

First Italian gelato! mmmm

Lake palm

Lake arch

Lake bread

One of my favourite things about Italy… BREAD!

Sleep was interrupted by the heat and the chatter of people enjoying the restaurant and bar in the laneway next to us way into the night but we woke up in the morning ready for our last day in Lake Como.

We walked across the road from our hotel and hopped straight onto a ferry which took us to several other towns skirting the huge lake and clinging to the hillside. We visited Bellagio first and stopped there for lunch to enjoy an insalata cabrese and some cold drinks. The staircases between the laneways lined with shops were beautiful and filled with tourists. Definitely a popular tourist stop but still held its character.

Lake steps

Lake wharf arch

Lake laneway

Lake pug

Made friends with this poser! #getmygoodside

Lake sky

Lake red and white

Then we jumped on another ferry and stopped at Menaggio for a little while. I would have loved to go swimming in the lake, however the timing and my lack of planning to wear swimmers meant I settled for a walk through the shallow but clear waters edge and dried off my feet in the sun as we enjoyed yet another beautiful view of the Lake.

Lake ootd

Lake chilling

Lake gelato 2

Our last stop for the day was Lenno, evidently a popular spot for families as the lakeside was filled with young families jumping of docks and stone walls or soaking up some of the glorious sun. More gelato was had here before we journeyed back to our hotel at Argegno.

Lake river

Lake wide

It was a short but lovely visit to Lake Como – definitely one of my favourite places I visited on my trip. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to visit a scenic landscape and a relaxed lifestyle. I will have to go back and spend more time there myself in the future!

Next stop: Florence!


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