Old Pierrefeu

Take a step with me into the most magical place I have ever been! Old Pierrefeu is an incredibly serene village of about 50 houses that is situated on the top of a mountain just outside of Nice. The photos do not do this cliff side town justice but hopefully you can catch a glimpse of its beauty and charm that I fell head over heels in love with.

Nice town

After flying into Nice we squeezed ourselves and our bags into a new car (one that drives on the right hand side of the road – opposite for us Aussies!) and ventured off out of Nice towards the beautiful mountains. Before we knew it we were zigzagging our way around hair pin bends on an incredibly narrow road – cliff on one side, rock wall on the other. Thank goodness there were not many cars coming up and down that road! It was an eventful journey up the mountain to say the least, after a wrong turn (under the instruction of our ‘trusty’ in car sat nav) led us onto a fire trail… aka NOT A ROAD! Some may call it a goat track, a gravel road… whatever it was it was terrifying! Eventually we made it back to the main road, however, and soon found ourselves at the entrance to Old Pierrefeu. Phew!

Nice roadtrip

Nice night

Nice night house

I have to say that when I got out of the car I was quite close to getting down on the ground and kissing the dirt road! Despite the drama, we parked the car outside the town as there are no cars allowed into the town – only two cobbled streets make up the entire village – and made our way into town in search of our friends awaiting our arrival.

It was night by the time we arrived and there happened to be a classical orchestral concert underway in the town square that night, and as we tried to slip past discreetly, the whole town turned and watched us walk past awkwardly! I have no doubt they all knew exactly who we were – classic tourists!

After walking through the town we reached the house we were staying in and a huge sigh of relief was had by all as we were welcomed so wonderfully by our hosts.

Pierrefeu at night was just stunning! The cobblestone and brick town is lit up in a warm glow creating such a magical atmosphere. I felt like I was part of a movie, and decided there and then that I could get used to this pretty quickly!

Nice town square

The town square and chapel

Nice door

Nice cross

Nice cat

Is it just me or does this cat look like it is horizontal running? Both Rebel Wilson & Spiderman would be proud!

Nice flower

Nice sunset3

The warm weather returned and we enjoyed relaxing in such a serene location, admiring the view of the surrounding mountains uninterrupted by any high-rise or unsightly buildings. Anything that was there only added to the beauty of the location.

We met a few of the other locals, and were welcomed into a lady’s house – her name was Jacqueline too! Many of the people who live there only spend the Summer there and live elsewhere during the rest of the year so there was quite a mix of characters and people. The town is filled with character, both in the people but also in the buildings, windows, pot plants, old signs… and the many cats roaming the streets (well the two streets).

I spent my days there wandering through the village, sketching, eating deliciously fresh food, swimming in their pool with a view, watching the sun set each evening and enjoying a slower paced few days.

Nice house sunset

Nice plants

Nice grate

Nice selfie

Love it when the orange awning on our balcony creates an instant filter 😉

Nice food

Nice blue door

Nice archway

Nice alley

Nice pool

The pool was quite refreshing in the 38 degree heat! You can see the heat in the mountains in this photo!

Nice sky

Nice sunset colourful

Nice sunset

Nice sunset2

Stay tuned for a fashion post from Pierrefeu – a gorgeous dress in a gorgeous location!

Where have you gone that has taken your breath away?


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