Cambridge & Suffolk

After a week in London it was time to leave our Georgian townhouse and head off into the country.

Our first destination was Cambridge. We spent a little time wandering through some of the incredibly grand colleges. There are so many around Cambridge and many seemed like stepping into another world as we slipped through an archway off the main street. We stayed in a little B&B outside of Cambridge and had a lovely dinner at the local pub.

Cambridge chapel side

Cambridge building

Cambridge ceiling

Cambridge college

Cambridge college river

cambridge house front

Cambridge restaurant

Then we were off to Suffolk on a mission to find the house that my dad grew up on. My dad left England when he was 7 and took on the title of a ’10 pound Pom’ as he and his family travelled to Australia for a new life. He has been back once before but it was great to see where he was born and we chatted to the farmer who was lovely and remembered my granddad too. We then continued down my dad’s memory lane as we drove into Beccles where his old school (which once had 80 students) is now the local museum.

Cambridge dads house

Cambridge walking

After some lunch we were off again to find the coast. We stopped at Southwold Pier and were almost blown away by the strong wind. Just like Brighton – a pier with arcade games, pebbles and colourful beach huts! We had a lovely chat to a family spending the day at their hut soaking in the sun and then I had far too much fun wondering past the wacky mirrors on the pier! It was very much a beach town in its quirky and relaxed character.

Coast Southwold

Coast huts back

Coast houses

Coast southwold sign

Coast huts

Coast hut window

We spent our stay in Suffolk in a little refurbished dairy farmhouse. It was incredibly quirky and full of character – however came with its own obstacles, namely low sturdy wooden beams to dodge at different angles, precariously low chandeliers and a super steep spiral staircase leading up the main bedroom in the attic (which could not realistically be climbed except on all fours!). Not to mention the strong odour of… well it’s a dairy farm…

Coast farmhouse

Coast dessert

Coast bed

Coast bathroom selfie

It really was a cute place to stay for a few nights though. We spent the next day in a town called Framlingham where we walked around some old castle ruins and had lunch in The Dancing Goat. Fun fact – after sitting next to a rather large plaque on the wall celebrating over 1,000,000 sales of Ed Sheeran’s album ‘X’ in the UK, my curiosity took over and I asked the waitress whether there was a particular reason for it being in the café, and turns out Ed Sheeran grew up in Framlingham and used to hang out often at the Dancing Goat! My inner Ed fangirl had a little freak out – “what if Ed had sat here!?” haha

Coast ruins

Coast Framlingham wall

Coast fav flowers

Coast Dancing Goat

Through intermittent showers we reached another beach at Dunwich – a more natural coast, again covered in pebbles. Something I was slowly getting used to.

COast waterCoast pebbles collageCoast shoes

That’s it for now – stay around for my next destination: the beautiful Lakes District.


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