Day trip to Brighton

You can take the girl out of Sydney but you can’t keep her away from the coast! During our week in London I took a day trip out to Brighton with my mum. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a great time wondering through the lanes and strolling along the beach promenade from the beach huts to the pier.

Brighton lane

Brighton bluebird

Brighton lamppost lane

Brighton blue house

Brighton GBK

Brighton GBK

Brighton seaside

Brighton pier rides

Brighton pier


Brighton carnival pier

Brighton old pier

Brighton beach huts

Brighton ticket

Brighton train

I won’t lie, my desire to go to Brighton came from seeing how cute it was on several British Youtubers’ videos but I won’t pretend ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ had nothing to do with it either 😉

Like many beach towns, Brighton is quite quirky and colourful – which I loved! – and it was easy to see that the beach was the place to be in summer. Carnivals were being set up along the beach, games of volleyball were being played and school kids who were beginning their end of year holidays were streaming down to the pier.

The ‘beach’, I must say was very pretty despite its lack of sand! (Mum and I made a conscious effort to go and stand on the pebbles but I can see why there are beach chairs.) Not everyone will agree with this but I kind of love the way the pier and the old pier add a sense of character and life to the landscape. Can’t say that I agree with the new ‘i360 tower’ being built which looks to me like a UFO, but Brighton definitely has an assortment of styles so maybe it will fit right in…

We had lunch in the lanes at GBK, ice tea from the Blue Bird Tea Company and meandered into quirky shops under colourful bunting – Anywhere that has bunting and hanging baskets of flowers gets my stamp of approval!

After a walk along the promenade to the find the beach huts we made our journey back to London along with the many other commuters who had enjoyed the sunny day in Brighton.

Have you ever been to Brighton? What was your favourite thing to do there?
Pop by Tuesday for details on what I wore.

Big love,
Jacqui x

3 thoughts on “Day trip to Brighton

  1. southamptonoldlady says:

    My favourite thing is the Brighton Pavillion. Inspired by the Persian domes of India and the furniture of China to house a Prince Regent. The kitchens are just so amazing – difficult to find many like this in any building – even better than those filmed in Downton Abbey. + all the things you did especially the Lanes and the Pier.

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