First stop… London.

At the end of June (a month ago now!) I set off on a big jet plane Europe bound to escape and avoid what came to be known as Sydney’s ‘big chill’! I had an amazing 4 week holiday and took far too many photos so over the next four weeks I will share with you a glimpse of some the beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit.

First stop. London town!

London buckingham cropped

London telephone

London Leicester square

London park

London gate

London underground

London Camden colours

London camden markets

London has always been a place that I would like to visit but it never sparked a particular burning desire within me to go. However after spending a very summery week there I was thoroughly impressed. London exceeded my expectations far and beyond.

I never realised how large London was, nor how diverse. From the beautiful grand buildings to the busy parks full of Londoners soaking up the sun, I loved just wandering the streets and navigating the London Underground with no particular end goal. Exploring the city shall we say.

I think it would be fair to mention at this point that London was having an unusually hot week for the 6 days that we were there. So we spent the week in a lovely 35 degree heat, which set the standard temperature for most of the next 3 weeks! The sunshine was definitely a big contributing factor to my love of London, I have to say. That along with meeting up with my Sydney girls of course!

I loved the architecture and how the buildings lined the streets with ornate yet uniform facades. It was a very light city with the sunlight bouncing off the buildings in the wide streets. Then there was Camden markets which was beautiful in its quirkiness and darker old timber beams and cobblestones. And of course the Georgian townhouses, one of which we stayed in for the week; Each so similar yet a brightly painted door or a plant in the window revealed little characteristics of the people who lived inside.

As we landed in London I admired from above the tiny rows of terraced houses all so uniform and neat. Organised with precision. I’m not sure that I would like to live in such a uniform town but I just felt like I could pick them up and place them straight onto the pages of so many children’s books and stories I grew up reading!

One thing I loved about London was the hanging flower baskets that lined the street fronts. Everywhere we went, hanging baskets were overflowing with bright arrangements of summer flowers – instantly brightened my day for sure.

Come by on Saturday to take a day trip to Brighton with me.

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