Winter Coats Obsession

Looking classy in winter is a struggle for me, I’ll be honest. As the temperature drops all I want to do is put on my warmest pair of trackies, oversized hoodie and ugg boots and curl up in a ball under my doona. However leaving the house like this isn’t always the best look – or at least not the look I’m going for at the moment.

Not to fear, Pinterest is here! Right now my winter style love is coats – long, short, woollen, tailored, coloured, monochrome… whatever! Here are some of my favourite picks that I’m taking inspiration from at the moment:

This long, taupe coat instantly transforms this denim look – effortless style!

Speckled grey is everywhere this winter – and I love it! Scrunch up those sleeves for a more casual look.

You can’t go wrong with a camel coloured coat!

Coats don’t need to be perfectly tailored. Feel comfortably enveloped in an oversized coat and cinch it in with a belt to create a flattering figure or wear it over a more tailored and simple dress/pants to keep it classy.

Black is always safe; but try a different texture. This one is heavier but creates elegant and dramatic lines.

Keep it cosy – it’s meant to keep you warm remember! Roll up the sleeves on a woollen coat.

Make winter warmer by adding a pop of colour.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one to be mine. One on my wish list is this black, light weight, rolled sleeved coat from Sportsgirl. It falls beautifully and I love the interesting texture.

Are you loving coats as much as myself right now? Which style are you loving?

Check out more of my coat obsession and other fashion faves here.

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