Winter Coats Obsession

Looking classy in winter is a struggle for me, I’ll be honest. As the temperature drops all I want to do is put on my warmest pair of trackies, oversized hoodie and ugg boots and curl up in a ball under my doona. However leaving the house like this isn’t always the best look – or at least not the look I’m going for at the moment.

Not to fear, Pinterest is here! Right now my winter style love is coats – long, short, woollen, tailored, coloured, monochrome… whatever! Here are some of my favourite picks that I’m taking inspiration from at the moment:

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Autumn Wedding

I love the Sydney autumn weather when the air is beautiful, crisp and fresh and with sun still shining – quite a contrast from the torrential rain of late! On one of those sunny days I attended a gorgeous wedding of two family friends and this is what I wore.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day; a day to spoil mums everywhere to celebrate all that they do for their children and family. I don’t know about you but I often forget to thank my mum for the things she does, not only for me but for all those around her. Mum’s do a lot! I know that it sounds like I’m ignoring the fact that other people work hard and are super busy too but there is something more that comes with being a mum, at least that’s what I think! I’m talking about all those little things like getting up early to make lunches for you everyday for 12 years, driving you all over the place (I promise I’ll get my licence soon mum!!) and making sure that you are surviving whatever life throws at you. I have been blessed with an incredibly caring mum and I couldn’t be more thankful for her love and friendship.

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