DIY Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? Be honest. Once you start snapping away with ridiculous looking props in hand and friends in tow, you can’t help but strike as many poses as you can until you fill your memory card or your Polaroid film runs out.

I’ve noticed the rise of photo booths in the last few years and particularly at the moment you can buy photo booth props from several places. BUT, being the cheap skate that I am, I thought why I would buy them when I could simply make them!? …Get ready for a DIY!


The difficulty of this DIY is determined by you – templates and basic prop designs make it easy enough for the ‘I’m not crafty but there’s no time to hunt them down at the shops’ type or you could let your creativity wild and design whatever props your heart desires.

This is perfect for a last minute entertainment idea for a party and you can tailor it to just about any theme.

OK, Let’s get started!


  • skewers or wooden sticks
  • craft glue
  • Stanley knife and cutting board
  • pencil
  • cardboard (The bolder the better for this style)
  • templates *optional*

photobooth diySteps:

  1. Firstly I sketched some ideas after trawling through Pinterest. Alternatively you could print some templates to make life easier – here are some free printable ideas from:
    ‘The Budget Savvy Bride’‘Bespoke Bride’ or ‘Celebrations’
  2. Draw your design on cardboard.
  3. Cut out carefully using a Stanley knife.
  4. *if using skewers, cut off sharp end*
  5. Glue skewers or wooden sticks (I used chopsticks and skewers – whatever’s available!) to the back of each prop.TOP TIP: When glueing sticks in place think about how you wish to hold them. For example, I placed the sticks sideways on the hats so that the stick wouldn’t be in front of my face. And also alternate which side you put the sticks on so that you can hold one in each hand!
  6. Leave on a flat surface until glue is completely dry.Backdrop
  7. Place in cute jar next to your desired background TOP TIP: If you don’t want to attach anything to your walls but want a nice background, try draping scarves over a door and string bunting or fairy lights around it – instant backdrop!
  8. Leave a camera next to props or set up on a tripod and GET SNAPPING!

Let me know if you give this a go! Have fun!

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