Oh But if not…


I absolutely love this quote. In fact it was partly what inspired the title of my blog.
‘But if not’ has become some sort of motivational catchphrase that has become engraved in my mind over the last few months and I couldn’t think of a more fitting title for my blog, and so it became so.

I am a doubter. A worry wart. A perfectionist. A planner. And I am well aware of this – but it makes me worry about wasting my life on what ifs. I have quickly come to realise the speed at which time moves and know for a fact that there is not enough time in this life for me to dwell on every possible outcome that could result from each and every decision I make. Like, I’m talking I can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of wearing a grey t-shirt instead of a black one for far too long – it’s a problem!

what if i fall

It’s easy to think about the negative possibilities:
I could fall. I could get lost. What if I don’t get the job? What if he‘s there? I could get hurt. I could lose something. I could lose someone. I could make a fool of myself. I might fail.

who knows what amazing things could happen? I could make something beautiful. I could make a new friend. I could see all the wonders of creation. The possibilities are endless – and that’s a good thing!

There are so many ‘what ifs’ in my life, but I’m trying to see the ‘if nots’.
I can tell you, I’m not great at it yet. I mean even making this blog and writing this post is a testament to my perfectionist self. I have considered my blog seriously for the last 9 months-ish and it took me a good 2 months to settle on a name, then (feeling inspired and ready to go) it has taken another 3 months for me to bring myself to actually post a single word here.
‘I just want it to be right’, I kept telling myself but then I stopped and almost slapped myself in the face and told myself to take my own advice. Read the blog title! Hurry up and go for it. Life isn’t perfect and in fact the art, quotes and photography I love and am touched by the most are the unplanned and unedited.

But what if you fly

I am awesome at making lists, but if I don’t get on with it and take some risks those exciting things/experiences/moments will fade away as mere plans that never amount to anything.
That is a terrifying thought in many ways but my second inspiration for ‘Oh But if not’ was this:
This is the comfort and reassurance that I hold tight when finally taking those risks. What then is there to fear?

So if you are like me and evaluate each decision to a tee, do yourself a favour and stop and say …But if not…


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