Let’s Begin

Ok. Here goes nothing. It can’t be that hard, right? just write something. Anything.

Hi. Welcome!

I’m Jacqui, a Sydney girl working out this whole growing up and finding yourself business – and struggling. As is quite obvious this is my first post and if I’m completely honest, I have tried to write this about 8 times. Having a blog is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now and I’m so excited that there is finally something here on this page which has been blank for about 3 months now.

2015 is my first year out of school. My first year of freedom and for the first time I’m the one in charge of making my own life entertaining, enjoyable and fulfilling.
This speck of the internet is where I intend to release some creativity and share my love for simple yet stunning design, breathtaking style, satisfying DIYs, moments of bliss caught unawares, words that reach far beyond the page, people who inspire me, and art for the sake of art.

Here is where I’ll set goals and tick ’em off – or at least give them a jolly good try – and take in the moments of my life that impact me most. From waking up to sunshine streaming through my window to daring to do the unthinkable, this is simply going to be a little window to my mind, to my life.

So here we go…

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